East of England Construction Training Group is engaged extensively in promoting the Construction Industry as offering an excellent long term career. There are three areas in which their activities are directed.

First: By maintaining close and meaningful contact with Careers and Pastoral staff within schools. From simple playful exercises and events in junior schools to Careers advisory days, parent/pupil discussions, one to one occupation mentoring and work experience events for pupils in years 10/11 and sixth form, in order to stimulate and encourage Trade Skill Apprenticeships as well as Construction based higher education.

Secondly: By maintaining close contact with organisations such as Job Centre Plus and other employment agencies with a particular regard to encouraging the unskilled or long term unemployed to enter and train in the Construction industry.

Thirdly: By working closely with Prison Authorities in the rehabilitation of offenders. Offering advice and training opportunities to those nearing their release dates and working with employers to establish employment opportunities.