• Chairman: Ian Cullingford (Breheney Civil Engineering)
  • Vice Chairman: Vacant
  • General Member: Nick Harris

The roles of the Vice Chair and Treasurer are currently vacant following the move of the previous incumbent to the role of Group Training Officer.


  • Group Training Officer: Ed Bussey (Engaged on a sub contract basis)

The Group does not operate from a fixed location and all Officers and Committee members are home based. This allows considerable flexibility when organising training events and has the added benefit of being very cost effective. The Group maintaines a central mailing address trhough which they can be contacted via the stnadard mailing.

All officers and Committee have both email addresses and mobile communication facilities as shown on the contacts page.

The Group is constantly seeking to encourage full participation by its members and is always extermely open to the proposal of further Committee members at its general meeting.

During the course of any year, three or four ad-hoc meetings will be arranged which all members are encouraged to attend. The meetings embrace a numbe of subjects pertaining to training, careers events and general updates. The meetings also provide a forum for random discussion and a valuable networking opportunity.